Product + Customers + Capital in 90 Days

The FITREPRENEUR Startup Program is a three month online accelerator for fitness app, device, and equipment companies.

The FITREPRENEUR Startup Program Includes:

  • Our Proprietary Process
  • The Fitrepreneur App
  • Professional Guidance
  • Resources & Networks
  • Investment Capital

We Turn Early-Stage Fitness App, Device, and Equipment Companies into Market Leaders

A Proven Track-Record of Success
Peloton (IPO), Fitstar acqd by Fitbit (acqd by Google), Fitmob acqd by Classpass, Endomondo acqd by Under Armour Connected Fitness, Massive Health acqd by Jawbone, Virtual Active acqd by Netpulse (acqd by eGYM).


The FITREPRENEUR Process is a proprietary co-creation and purpose-driven process that combines Lean Startup, Continuous Innovation, Jobs To Be Done, and Design Thinking methodologies to deliver products that loyal customers love.


The FITREPRENEUR App integrates our proprietary process with apps (such as lean canvases, personas, journey maps, prototypes, etc.), resources, collaborative tools, and a metrics dashboard that delivers products loyal customers love.

Problem/Solution Fit + Investment Capital

The FITREPRENEUR Startup Program enables fitness app, device, and equipment companies achieve problem/solution fit and provides needed investment capital.

Our program has proven to create fitness apps, devices, and equipment all co-created with loyal customers by purpose-driven, disruptive companies that become market leaders.

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